Terms of Service

1. Definitions
  1. By joining residualincomeinabox.com you automatically agree to the terms and conditions in this agreement. In these Terms of Service (TOS) the user will be referred to as 'you', whereas residualincomeinabox.com will be referred to as 'we'. A user that does not accept this Terms of Service should stop using residualincomeinabox.com and delete his/her account.
2. Limitation of liabilities
  1. We are not responsible for any losses and/or damages arising out of the relationship between you and residualincomeinabox.com. We are not responsible for a user's signup and/or activity in your program or a promotor stopping the daily transfer of your credit payment. Additionally, we cannot guarantee getting referrals for your programs. Although new programs will be checked for illegal and/or offensive content, we take not responsibility for the content displayed in any third party page or banner listed on our website.
3. Membership
  1. You can create only one account per IP-address/household and you must provide a valid email address. Your membership will automatically terminate if you do not log in for 90 days or more. Upon termination, your balance will be voided. Termination is irreversible and refunding of your balance or non-expired memberships cannot be claimed.
4. Purchases, Balances
  1. Purchases, among which are Credit Packages and Premium Memberships, are not refundable. Charge backs or reversed transactions are not tolerated and will lead to termination of your account.
5. Violation of these Terms of Service
  1. Although we do not intent to, residualincomeinabox.com reserves the right to block or terminate a user's account. Valid reasons are, but not limited to, violation of these Terms and Conditions, misuse of the system, hacking, racism, spamming or behaviour that is commonly regarded as unacceptable.